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Visual Theology

2017 Reading Challenge

$ 8.99

Visual Theology

2017 Reading Challenge

$ 8.99


The 2017 Reading Challenge will help you read more and help you broaden the scope of your reading.

Begin with the Light plan, which includes suggestions for 13 books. Choose those books and read them in any order, checking them off as you complete them. When you have finished those 13, advance to the Avid plan. Use the criteria there to choose another 13 books and read them in any order. Then it’s time to move to the Committed plan with a further 26 books.

When you have completed the Committed plan (that’s 52 books so far!), you are ready to brave the Obsessed plan with its 104 books.

So choose your books and get going. Happy reading in 2017!

The print is a large 18" x 24" that is beautifully suited to display on an office or home wall. Its just large enough to be fun but won't take over your entire wall.

All our posters are printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper that is a10.3 millimeter, thick, high quality, heavyweight stock. Its built to last – just like the church.

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If you choose the download option, you'll receive a secure link to download a high resolution digital file that contains all four color options.

The resolution of the file is 300 ppi at 18x24. That means you'll be able to take it to a local copy shop or office store and have them print it out for you with no quality loss up to 18 inches by 24 inches.

Since the file is at such a high resolution, you can print it larger and will hardly notice any quality loss. The format you'll receive is a lossless .png file. This ensures the highest quality with a low file size.


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