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Visual Theology

The Ordo Salutis

$ 9.99

Visual Theology

The Ordo Salutis

$ 9.99


"Ordo salutis" is Latin for "the order of salvation," and refers to the sequence of conceptual steps involved in the Christian's salvation. The sequence indicates logic more than chronology, so some steps occur sequentially while others occur simultaneously. This Visual Theology print is a classically Reformed understanding of the way in which God saves his people.

Printed on Enhanced Matte Paper, it is a large 18" x 24" that is beautifully suited to display on an office or home wall. Its just large enough to be fun but won't take over your entire wall.

Enhanced Matte Paper is a 10.3 millimeter, thick, high quality, heavyweight stock. It's built to last, just like the church.


If you choose the download option, you'll receive a secure link to download a high resolution digital file. The resolution of the file is 300 ppi at 18x24. That means you'll be able to take it to a local copy shop or office store and have them print it out for you with no quality loss up to 18 inches by 24 inches.

Since the file is at such a high resolution, you can print it larger and will hardly notice any quality loss. The format you'll receive is a lossless .png file. This ensures the highest quality with a low file size.


Our digital downloads have three license options.

  • Personal Download
    The personal download option grants you a license to print one copy of the digital file for personal use. You may not print multiple copies for handouts or distribute the digital file.
  • Small Group Download
    The small group download is intended to serve smaller churches, bible study groups and other organizations who wish to print the material on their own and distribute it. You will be granted a license to print up to 2500 copies of the file in a calendar year. These copies may not be sold or used directly for profit.
  • Large Group Download
    The large group download expands the number of copies up to 10,000 in a calendar year. It is intended for large churches, conferences or other large gatherings. The copies may not be sold or used directly for profit.


If you purchase the small or large group download you will also receive an additional digital file sized at 8"x10", perfect for handouts. We didn't just shrink the original file down either, we meticulously crafted the design to keep the integrity and beauty of the original print but in a readable fashion suited for large distribution.

Full License Terms


This print is available to download in a standard resolution for free. Please feel free to distribute the standard version but do not sell. Get the free version of The Ordo Salutis.