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What people are saying about Visual Theology

You’ve probably seen (or used) a gospel presentation drawn on a whiteboard or a napkin. It’s remarkable how God gives us spiritual insight when we behold truths about him with our eyes. With engaging graphics and descriptions of the Christian faith, Tim Challies and Josh Byers have done something genuinely unique in Visual Theology. See for yourself!

Gloria Furman

Author of Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full and The Pastor’s Wife

I was at the TGC19 conference and purchased the Guide to the Bible book. This is AMAZING! My brother gave me the Visual Theology book a couple years ago so I must say I was so excited to get this visual guide to the Bible.

Jennifer M.

This wonderful book will help you get your mind around the entirety of the Bible (and its impact on human history) through easy-to-access while theologically-reliable pictures and graphs. Whether you are Bible beginner or a seasoned teacher, you’ll find this book helpful in placing each story in the context of the larger one. The Bible is truly an amazing, God-inspired book, and Visual Theology puts its wonder on full display!

J.D. Greear

Pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina

I pre-ordered the Visual Theology Guide to the Bible and love it! I’ve already sold the others on the team about moving to this textbook for our key Bible classes for incoming freshmen, courses that I’ve been tasked to refresh this summer both for online and in residence.

Timothy H.

I’m a youth pastor at a church in Los Angeles. We’re starting to go through the Visual Theology – Seeing and Understanding the Truth About God. Thank you for putting out such great and creative content!

Ryan G.

My mind is blown. Tim Challies and Josh Byers marry rock-ribbed Reformational theology with breathtaking presentations.
The effect is something like following John Knox into the Matrix. In this diaphanous world, we encounter no fiction, but very reality itself –God-reality– and we are transformed.

Owen Strachan

Associate professor of Christian theology and Director of the Center on Gospel and Culture at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Greetings! I am in the middle of teaching a 16-week class on Biblical Theology at our church to a group of about 10 people. We're about 9 weeks into the class, and I just came across this amazing book! It covers just about everything that I have been covering, and the graphics are amazing. I would love to download the printouts and slides to use as supplemental info to the material I've already prepared and thanks so much for a really great resource!

Michael D.

I am preaching through the minor prophets and would LOVE to do a handout of the graphic in “A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible” entitled “The Kings & Prophets of Israel & Judah”.
It has been EXTREMELY helpful to me as I have studied and tried to put all the historical pieces together and I think many in my church family would think so as well.

Matthew R.

Tim Challies (the writer) and Josh Byers (the designer) have teamed up to produce a truly unique introduction to theology and guide to living the Christian life. This is show-and-tell at its finest. Most theology books merely convey what we are to believe, but this one uses creative and beautiful design to capture and portray these crucial truths. I know of nothing else quite like it, and I trust that God will use it to help his people see and celebrate reality in a new way.

Justin Taylor

Managing editor of the ESV Study Bible

What a great book. I got really excited when I saw it and thought this would be great to use for teaching fundamentals.

Justin G.

This book is a must-have resource for anyone who teaches the Bible. Not only does it have great graphics to illustrate the storyline and teachings of Scripture, but the text of the book, the summaries, and explanations, are an invaluable asset for your teaching arsenal. I know I'll be using it as a parent to talk about the Bible with my children and as a professor as I lecture on theology to college students. Yes, that's a wide range, but this little book is just that good.

Dan DeWitt

Professor & Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity at Cedarville University

Long time Christian, first time studying the Bible (or frankly, trying to make any sense of it). I am connecting dots I've never connected and learning SO much. I checked it out kind of randomly at the library (it was placed in a random spot o happened to come across... God works in mysterious ways lol). Will be buying this one for sure.
Ashley T.

I am a member of a small Christian group in Colombia, South America. I encountered your helpful and well-done content a while ago and it has blessed me and my wife who is proficient in speaking English.

Felipe A.

I'm very thankful for 'Visual Theology,' have been for years. I've ordered a number of prints lately, and am going to order curriculum today

Erik M.

I have been teaching through this material this summer with our senior high students. It has been great! After our first lesson, we had two girls go with their mom to buy a new study Bible for each of them because they were so excited about God's Word. Our students are really loving this material. Your work is making a huge impact!!!

Jay Shaw
Youth Pastor | Briarwood Presbyterian Church

I’m a pastor in Canada and I’m looking into running a Visual Theology study at my church. I’ve bought both the 2016 Visual Theology book, and the 2019 Visual Theology Guide to the Bible, and I’m enjoying reading them both!

Carey D.

I am enjoying Visual Theology immensely and am using some of your material to help teach the Bible and worldview to my Sr. High group. I have found the slides to be inspiring – especially when I’m not sure how to deliver an apologetic concept.

Korey F.

I just wanted to thank you for the resources you are producing. I have read Visual Theology and am currently in the middle of Visual Theology Guide to the Bible. I absolutely love both books. I have a really hard time reading and being able to focus, but these books with all of the beautiful graphics have been a source of encouragement and help to me! I love learning about the beautiful truths of God, and the Visual Theology series has made it possible for me to be able to grow in my knowledge of Christ. I always recommend the books to my friends. Thank you so much for creating such a helpful and solid resource!!

Katie G.

Challies and Byers have done it again. As we have come to expect, they marry biblical-theological rigor with beautiful design. With deep truths and illuminating art, this book will help new and seasoned Christians alike better understand the Bible's big story.

Brandon D. Smith

author of They Spoke of Me and Managing Editor for the Christian Standard Bible

What an amazing resource! We live in a visual world - what Tim and Josh have done is to combine the presentation of Biblical truth in a creative and practical tool that works for both seasoned Bible students and those who are new to their faith. There really isn’t anything else like this out there. The amazing graphics help the reader see and grasp the solid, Biblical truth that is being presented in the book as real and relevant to their lives.

Mel Walker

President & co-founder of Vision For Youth, Inc. and author of Going On For God: Encouraging the Next Generation to Grow Up and Go On For God

This is simple yet profound, clever without being flashy. Helpful and practical. Speaking as a person who avoids diagrams and graphs at all costs, I found the infographics in this book to be illuminating. This cheeky little number is a class act.

Mez McConnell

Pastor of Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh, and director of 20schemes

Wow! A great visual supplement! I am so glad I bought this book. I’m a seasoned Christian but felt weak in my ability to share the “how” and “why” of my faith. Now I have a great building block!
Gina F.

Hello! I love your work. I'm a deployed Army chaplain in Iraq decorating my office with what I hope will be conversation starters toward the gospel.

Andrew S.

Visual Theology Guide to the Bible is, literally, a sight for sore eyes. It converts dozens of vital concepts about Scripture into visual images that make learning just plain fun. Flip through the pages and you’ll be hooked.
Challies and Byers have turned looking into learning. Brilliant.

Gregory Koukl

President of Stand to Reason (str.org), author of Tactics and The Story of Reality

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