Because our books were designed to be taught in a variety of formats, we’ve created curriculum that will help you teach through them in small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, one-on-one and more!

These books are the perfect starting point to introduce people to the Bible and Christianity.

Visual Theology A Guide to the Bible

This is the perfect book for a starting point class as it asks and answers the questions:
What is the Bible, can I trust it, what’s in it, and how do I study it?

Get all the downloadable products to teach through the book in one simple package. The Bundle includes both the student and leader workbooks, presentation slides, and infographic handouts.

Our student workbook is a 92-page downloadable PDF with fill-in-the-blanks for each chapter.
Each chapter also includes discussion questions and notes pages

The Leader Guide is a downloadable PDF that comes with all the blanks from the workbook filled in.
There is ample space for notes, dotted pages, and more to help you teach.

The presentation slides include over 700 slides in both HD and 4K resolution that take you through the book step by step filling in the blanks from the workbook and illustrating the key ideas presented in the infographics.

Download over 40 full color infographic handouts to give to students as you teach through the book.

Download the first three chapters of the workbook, leader guide, slides, and handouts to demo and sample the content.

Visual Theology (A Guide to Christianity)

This book is a great follow up for our Guide to the Bible as it asks and answers the questions:
What is the gospel, what is a Christian, and how do I live like a Christian?

Our student workbook is a ten session study designed to help you grow in godliness by practicing what you learn, and it includes application for both personal and small group study. Each chapter includes key terms, group study discussion questions, and exercises for personal reflection in God's Word.

We took every single graphic in the book and customized them in 190+ HD slides for display in a teaching or preaching presentation. We didn't just simply resize the graphics either. Every single graphic was re-worked and custom built to display the information best on a presentation slide!