Simple Ideas to Engage Your Kids with the Word

Text your kids what you read.

This can be super simple. There’s no need to explain, be a commentary, apply it to their lives, or anything else. Simply text them what you read today.

Listen to scripture songs in the car.

If you have kids, it feels like you are doing something every minute, and trying to fit in one more thing often seems impossible. So look for ways to creatively use the times you have. Trips to school, church, or running errands can be a great time to engage their minds. Check out The Corner Room if you need a suggestion on what to listen to.

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Keys for Kids has a great daily podcast.

This is our go-to for most trips to school. It’s new every day, short (4-5 min), engaging, and relatable. You can listen on their website, subscribe to their podcast, or grab their app. The app has more stories our kids like as well.

Display it in your home.

We obviously have a ton of ways to help you with this! I’ve posted several options specifically related to kids below.

Ask Google or Alexa to read you a verse.

Again, just use the time you have and get creative.

Pick one Psalm or Proverb for the month and read it whenever you can with whoever you can.

This is a good way to help memorize and meditate on a single passage of Scripture. Read it at dinner. Have a kid read it in the car out loud. Text it to your kids.

Get creative on how you encourage going through a Bible reading plan.

One suggestion would be to make a plan with checkboxes and no dates. Every time anyone completes a reading on their own, they get to check off a box. See how fast your family can complete a plan and then plan something fun to celebrate completing the plan.

Read a short devotional or recite a catechism at the dinner table.

There are so many books to help you with this.

You don’t have to do all of those or even most, just do something!

Just do something!

Just Display It!

In thinking through these ideas, I obviously want to do my part for the “display it in your home” suggestion. I understand you’re probably not going to put our One Another’s poster in your living room (but it would be really cool if you did!).

You could, however, put it in your kids’ room. And if you grab an Ultra-HD download, you could even blow it up and put it on a whole wall! Our prints would also look fantastic if enlarged in a church nursery or kids’ classroom.

Black and white Subway-style prints are what I always envisioned for classic home use. We have a number of those available for your home, dorm, or office. These are a great way to put Scripture in your home and compliment the design of your room.

I also wanted to create some prints specifically for kids even though the minimal two-color halftone design certainly works in other contexts as well.

In Deuteronomy 6, Moses gives instructions for families to hold on to the truths they have been taught. They are about to enter the land promised to their ancestors, and God wants to remind them not to repeat their parents mistakes. In this passage, Moses tells parents to teach their children these truths in the morning when they get up and in the evening when they lie down. He also tells them to hold those truths so close to their hearts it’s as if the Word of God was wrapped on their heads and carved into their homes.

These three prints reflect when and where we are to remember the Word of God; Morning, Evening, and in the Home.